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Ah those were the days...
Ah those were the days...

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A collaboration of whatever from five friends. No really. It's whatever. ********** Update schedule: Monday: Dani Tuesday: Arielle Wednesday: Britt Thursday: Sora Friday: Kitty


Does Anyone Even Look at the News?

So, you might (or might not) have noticed that nobody's POSTED in a while.
You might (or might not) also know that teachers like tend to pack in all the work that we didn't get done already into the end of the school year.
You ALSO might (or might not) know that a few of us have health issues.

So: We've all been either occupied with loads of school work, or dying from one disease or another, or both (That's me!).

ANYWAY we get out of school tomorrow (which is technically today now), so you should be seeing more of us. :D

posted by KittyCHOMP @ June 11th, 2009, 4:36 am  -  0 comments

That took too long.

Hey all.
Finally finished website modifications. (Well, mostly.)
And I'm sure it would have been SO MUCH EASIER if I had just known what I was doing. >_>;;
Anyway, I think I'm done with for the most part. The things that just need to be fixed up at this point are the additional pages.

ALSO: Guest comments disabled because there's a jackass we're trying to shake off. As soon as he gets bored of bothering us, we can reactivate them. YEAH, YOU KNOW WHO YOU ARE. GO AWAY. 'Hem.

posted by KittyCHOMP @ April 11th, 2009, 5:53 pm  -  1 comments

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